Arsenal Football Club is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children and adults at risk regardless of their gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief or age.

By adhering to the club’s policies, procedures and best practice, the club enables children, young people and adults at risk to participate in any club activity in an enjoyable, safe and inclusive environment. This equally applies to the safety and security of those working with and who are responsible for the activities involving vulnerable individuals. For more information on safeguarding in football please refer to the FA's website.

The club has comprehensive safeguarding policies and procedures in place which meet the requirements of the FA Premier League Rules, the FA Safeguarding Guidance, Affiliated Football’s Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures, legislation and local government requirements to ensure the national standards for safeguarding are met and implemented throughout the club.  This includes creating a safe environment by getting the right people involved through the process of safe recruitment and training as well as promoting clear processes to deal with any potential issues or concerns.

Safeguarding Adults at Risk Contact List

Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy

Safeguarding Children and Young People Contact List

Safeguarding Children & Young People Policy

Affiliated footballs safeguarding policy & procedures

What to do if you have a concern? Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility. If you have a concern about a child or adult at risk who engages with the club or an employee, worker, consultant, agency staff or volunteer of the club please contact a member of the Safeguarding Team or the club’s Designated Whistleblowing Officer using the contact details below:

Safeguarding Team Inbox -

Head of safeguarding - Adam Brown
 +44 (0) 7701 296 182

Safeguarding Manager – Michael Hagan
 +44 (0) 7801 988 346

Safeguarding coordinator - Fred Reilly
 +44 (0) 7395 711 929

Designated whistleblowing officer - Svenja Geissmar
+44 (0) 207 704 4406 (office)

If you are worried about the immediate safety or welfare of a child, young person or adult at risk or you cannot contact a club representative you can also contact:

  • The Police - dial 999
  • The NSPCC - 0808 800 5000
  • ChildLine (for children and young people) -  0800 1111
  • Islington Children’s Services Emergency Duty Team - 020 7226 0992
  • Islington Safeguarding Adults Team - 020 7527 2299
  • Premier League –
  • The FA –