Your Season Ticket pass should update automatically to the next available fixture to you. This will only work if you have updates enabled in Google Pay / Apple Wallet. After updates have been enabled, it will update but this can take a while. If you are not a Season Ticket Holder and please click below.

I Am Not A Season Ticket Holder, When Will My Digital Pass Update?


Apple: For iPhones, go to your Apple Wallet and onto the season pass. In the corner, there will be a circle with three dots, click this and on the next page make sure "Automatic Updates" is enabled, then pull down on the page to refresh/update the pass.

Android: In Google Pay, click the 3 lines in the corner, and go to Settings. Towards the bottom enable "Updates about your passes":

Some Android devices may also need to have their default browser setting changed to open in Google Chrome, to ensure your ticket(s) download correctly.

To set your default browser to Google Chrome, please follow these steps:

1. Go to settings

2. Click on Apps

3. Click on Chrome

4. Click on Browser App

5. Tick Chrome

Google Chrome will now be set as your default browser.


Samsung users may also need to set Google Pay to default.

To do this, please follow these steps:

1. Go to settings

2. Click on Apps

3. Click on Google Pay

4. Click on Set as default

5. Click Open supported links

6. Click In this app


Please note if you are an Android user and you have followed the above steps and your pass still hasn't updated, please remove your digital pass and reinstall.