Where can I find the discount code for coach travel?

When you purchase a ticket for an away match your confirmation email will include a discount code for coach travel.

Can the discount code be used on a basket of more than one coach ticket?

Yes, if there is more than one member on the booking then the same code can be entered for each member.

Do they need to provide proof of having a match ticket to purchase a coach ticket?

Proof of a match ticket is not required at the point of booking, but may be checked prior to supporters boarding the coach.

What discount does the code give the supporter?

The discount code gives £5 off the non-member price.

Can the code be used by disabled supporters for coach travel?

The code can be used by disabled supporters if they have a membership. The coaches can accommodate disabled supporters, there is the option to add in any additional requirements (such as mobility etc) during the CTM booking process.