There is not an exact time at which you should join the queue, as this will depend on the level of traffic on the Online Box Office. To manage all that traffic in the right direction, a temporary queue is being set up so typically, for a 10am sale a temporary queue will begin between 9.15am-9:30am, so from the time which you join the queue, you will not necessarily be able to access the website at 10am on the dot as the online queuing system filters supporters in the queue onto the Online Box Office from 10am when the sale begins, which may mean you do not access the Online Box Office until 10:10am for example. 

If you log on to the online box office between 9.15am-9.30am and you don't see the below page then please refresh your browser until you are in the temporary queue.

When the sale starts, the queue is refreshed and starts again and you will be allocated an estimated time of arrival to access the site.