Replacement Debenture certificates can be ordered from the registrars, Link Asset Services. There is a fee that Link Asset Services charge which is detailed below:


There are two parts to the fee for a Letter of Indemnity which is what Link Asset require to produce a duplicate share certificate. There is an administration fee which is £47.00 and this would apply for all shareholders.


The second part of the fee is referred to as a cover fee / countersignature – this is not one standard fee and is dependent on the value of the holding. As the Arsenal Debentures are not tradable on the open market, Link Asset use the valuations set out below to determine the cover fee / countersignature part of the indemnity.


  • A Debentures - £1,500 Cover fee - £71
  • B Debentures - £1,100 Cover fee - £52
  • C Debentures - £5,000 Cover fee - £237
  • D Debentures - £3,500 Cover fee - £166



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