The Ticket Exchange service is where members who can no longer attend the game can post their tickets for resale so other members can purchase them.


The Ticket Exchange service opens once the fixture has sold out and will close 3 hours prior to kick-off.


If you are looking for a ticket on the exchange our advice would be to login to your account here as often as you can to check for availability.

There may be occasions. especially for popular fixtures where you may receive error messages online due to other members purchasing seat(s) that you are attempting to buy.

For more information on error messages, please click here.

Please note you will only see the Ticket Exchange toggle (see below) if there are currently seats live on the seating map.

Ticket Exchange access will initially be limited to members who were unsuccessful in the ballot. The Exchange may open to other members ahead of the game; this will be communicated on a match-by-match basis via the relevant ticket information page.


These unsuccessful members will be given the chance to purchase tickets via Ticket Exchange during their set Membership sales period.


Once the Silver ballot has concluded unsuccessful Silver Members will gain priority access to the Ticket Exchange. Once the Red ballot has also concluded, all unsuccessful members will have access to Ticket Exchange.


Members will not be able to access Ticket Exchange during the exclusive period if they:


  • Have not entered the ballot.
  • Were successful in the ballot (regardless of whether their ticket is resold on Ticket Exchange)
  • Have a membership number that has been suspended or banned for suspicious activity