We always aim to make buying tickets as quick and easy as possible. Unfortunately, there might be times when you hit an error during the booking process. We understand this can be frustrating, so to try and avoid any problems in the future, here are some useful things to check:


Are graphics and cookies enabled on your computer?

If your browser is set to block cookies, it's also blocking us from placing your seating info into your computer's temporary memory. If we can't hold the seating info in that way, we can't carry on with the booking. Check your browser preferences to make sure that you can accept cookies and that cookies aren't limited to retrieval by the originating sender. Remember – our cookie is only held in your system's RAM while the browser is open, so it's erased as soon as you close down the browser. Nothing is written to or read from your hard drive.


Are you accessing the Arsenal Online Box Office through a direct internet connection, or are you using a proxy server?

Some online service providers use a proxy server. Proxy servers save copies of sites on their server rather than connecting users to the internet or the specific site requested. In most cases, this works fine, but using a proxy server might prevent you from booking tickets because you need to access our ticketing system directly. If you're not sure if you're accessing the internet through a proxy server, double check with your internet service provider.


Have you got JavaScript enabled on your computer?

Parts of our site, like our seating charts, can't be accessed without JavaScript – if you're having trouble loading a page properly, this might be why. Check your browser preferences to make sure JavaScript is enabled.

Using a mobile phone?
Try using a desktop PC or a laptop.