To ensure fairness and equal opportunity, tickets for home Premier League fixtures will be sold via a ballot system exclusively for Arsenal Members. For each match, Members have a designated window in which to register either individually or as a group (provided that all members in the group meet the necessary requirements for the relevant ballot).

To participate in the ballot for Silver tickets, Arsenal requires you to authorise a payment card. If your application is successful, the payment card you provided will be automatically charged, and tickets will be assigned to you. The ballot event page, when open, will display a range of available ticket prices for your reference. Please keep in mind that successful applicants may be assigned seats from any available areas and prices, these are not able to be specifically chosen by the member and are an indication of the prices that fall within the ballot.

Once the ballot process is complete, both unsuccessful and successful applicants will be emailed It is important to note that booking fees will be applied to this service. In cases where the number of ballot registrations for a match does not exceed the number of available tickets, all members who entered the ballot will be successful in obtaining tickets.

Please take note that if your payment card declines, your ballot application will be unsuccessful.

Please click here view a guide on how to apply for the ballot online.