What is a Digital Pass? 

Your digital pass is an electronic version of your physical membership card that is stored within the wallet of your smart phone or smart watch. You can scan your digital pass at the turnstile to enter Emirates Stadium. 

Why are we moving to 100% digital ticketing? 

Digital tickets are the safest, most convenient, and flexible way to receive your match ticket while increasing protection against fraud and touting. Digital tickets provide:

- Quick and easy entry to Emirates Stadium using your mobile phone or smart device
- Reduced risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit or forgotten tickets
- An easy way to go green by printing less paper and physical cards 

What is Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology? 

Near-field communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that makes your smartphone, payment cards, and other devices even smarter. NFC is the technology that powers Apple and Google Pay so if you have used your smartphone to pay in a shop or to scan into the tube, then you have already used NFC technology. 

Which Android and Apple devices support NFC Technology? 

All iPhones with Face ID and all Touch ID iPhones except the iPhone 5S. Please check here for further details on Apple devices. All Android devices from 2015 onwards are supported,find support for android devices here.
If you do not have a smart phone or your device does not support NFC digital ticketing, please complete this form and we will be in touch prior to the start of the season to confirm how you will be able to access Emirates Stadium from the start of Season 2023/24. Please be aware, you may be required to collect your ticket on matchday with photo ID. 

Does my phone need WiFi or signal to use my digital pass at Emirates Stadium? 

Your mobile device does not require WiFi connectivity or signal on matchday as long as your digital pass is already in your Apple Wallet/Google Pay app prior to attending. Please ensure you have downloaded your digital pass to your wallet before arriving at the stadium to avoid delays on entry. 

My digital pass is still showing a barcode on the front of the pass. What should I do? 

If your pass has not updated by the day before the game, please follow the steps below.

Apple Wallet:
• Open your Apple Wallet
• Click on your membership pass
• Click on the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner of your screen
• Make sure the ‘Automatic Updates’ are turned on (the icon/button should be green). If it is already turned on, toggle it off and on again
• Drag the page down by placing your finger in the middle of the screen then moving it down
• This should then update to the correct game / update to NFC
Google wallet: There is no manual way to update your Google Wallet. Please turn your device off and on, this should then update to the correct game.

For all future games, Member digital passes will be updated approximately one week prior to the game. Season Ticket Holders' passes should update automatically after each game. Please contact Fan Services via our Enquiry Form if your pass has not updated by the working day before the game.